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The Viral Story of an Autistic Boy Who Fails his School Exams And Went Home with Powerful Letter

It is human nature to be thankful for everything we received, may it be things we hardly prayed for or things that existed in our imagination.  It makes us happy and satisfied!

But how do you feel when you received something unexpectedly? I mean, more often than not, things happen differently and just doesn’t go our way.  And to our surprise, they are way better than what we wished for!

Like the story of Ben Twist, his mom Gail, and his teacher Mrs. Clarkson.  Ben has autism, and when he failed his SAT exam, her mother expected to receive a letter from Mrs. Clarkson that he should work harder and improve his grades.  However, Gail read a seemingly different message than the standard ones.  It is very touching that it is well-received by netizens when posted on the internet and as of this writing has 2.4 million likes.



Well, what happened to Ben and Gail was only the result of Mrs. Clarkson’s actions. The thing is, how many of us would be willing to do differently against the standard if it means boosting one’s confidence? How many of us would be willing to do the unexpected if it means touching a parent’s heart? And how many of us would be willing to be Mrs. Clarkson? In one way or the other, we’ve been Mrs. Clarkson to someone’s life for sure! And this Thanksgiving season, when we are just so grateful and happy for everything we’ve been blessed with, it’s also worth reminiscing the fact that being the “doer” of an action doesn’t only give us the feeling of fulfillment, it touches lives too!

We are not affiliated with any person, blogger, or organization mentioned in this article.  But their story is so compelling and touching that we want to share them with you! Happy Thanksgiving!!!