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 Have You Read This True Story About A Child With Special Needs?

special needs child with fingers painted with a smiley face

How’s your 2021 going so far? Hopefully, you are set for smooth sailing this 2nd half of the 20/21 school year. We know that living the new normal in special education comes with significant challenges! With all the changes, adjustments, and students having difficulty connecting, we sometimes wish we could go back to when everything was normal!

Speaking of when everything was normal, we’ve come across this inspiring true story of Nancy, an early childhood educator, and her student Will.

“Then they came to a little boy who I will call Will. They described him to me as spoiled with parents who were in denial. One of my co-workers said that she had informed the parents that they needed to look into a wheelchair because he would never walk unassisted and that Will would always be a “lump of nothing.”

My question to my co-workers was, if we do not expect much from these kids, why are we here?”

Read the Full Story here:  Have You Read This True Story About A Child With Special Needs?

We are not affiliated with educationandbehavior.com, any organization, or blogger mentioned in this article. When we are facing challenges in our profession, at times, we tend to doubt our purpose. Sometimes all we need is a dose of an inspiring story or a flashback of memory to ignite our passion once again. Even though we cannot tell as to when we are going back to normal, one thing is for sure we are getting better every day.