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Blind Singer With Autism Brings ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges to Tears

A few weeks ago, Kodi Lee became a phenomenal sensation both in the world of television and the internet.  Oprah even tweeted, “Loved this moment so much😭😭! Stood up and cheered in my living room.”  If you happen to watch him when NBC aired his audition, you might probably do the same if you are not already teary-eyed.

Would you agree that Kodi Lee’s performance added a feel-good vibe to the summer?  He just shattered the stereotypes about disability.  Kodi is blind with autism, but has an incredible talent in music!

His successful audition left the judges teary-eyed and received a golden buzzer, which we can also consider a golden moment for his family, especially his mother.  A true success story for the rest of his therapists who have been helping him along this journey.

See what happened here: Blind Singer With Autism Brings ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges to Tears

We are not affiliated with any organization or personalities mentioned in the article, nor do we promote NBC.  For now, we might not know the ending of his journey in “America’s Got Talent.” However, it’s safe to say that once upon a summer; there is Kodi Lee who happens to serve as an inspiration to the rest of the world that anyone can chase their dreams no matter who they are and whatever disposition they may have! Happy Summer! 😊